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Boudoir FAQs

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So you're kinda thinking about doing a boudoir session, but not quite sure of the details and if you're the "type" of person to do a boudoir? Well today I'll try to answer all of your burning questions regarding my boudoir sessions. Hopefully this will make you more sure of your great idea!

Why do a Boudoir session?

The way the media makes us (and by us, I mean women) feel today, every women needs an experience to boost their confidence and give themselves an opportunity to see what I see in you. Find something you love about yourself. Plus it makes the perfect gift for any husband! And it can be for any occasion: Groom’'s gift, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’'s Day, and more. It is also a confidence booster for you. It'’s fun for you to get all pretty and have some time to feel sexy and see how amazing you look in the pictures. Or even if you don’'t have a guy, just do it for yourself.

Would a guy really want a boudoir album as a gift?

Yes, Yes, and double YES!!! I have spoken to almost every gentleman who has received a boudoir album from their wife and I’'ve never seen a better reaction over a gift they’'ve received. The smiles on their face are from ear to ear and thank me a million times for helping their wives give them such an awesome gift.

You keep using the terms “wife” and “husband”. Do you require us to be married in order to do a session?
Yes and No. I only do sessions for couples who are married. I try not to practice other than what I preach and my goal is to encourage women and their marriages. But I do allow a woman to do it for her groom, seeing as though they will be married once he receives it. Just trying to walk the straight and narrow here.

Where do you shoot a boudoir session?
Sessions take place at my home studio. I find it'’s usually easier for you to leave the house to “run errands” then it is to kick your husband out of the house and not tell him why.

What if I'm not comfortable with my body or I'm not "skinny"?

Anyone can do a boudoir session! Young, old, skinny, fat. I will make you look beautiful, I promise. What's attractive is your attitude and the sexiness you exude. I've had clients of all different demographics so anything goes! It's my job to make any body type work!

What should I wear?

Anything that makes you feel sexy or that he finds you sexy in! You can be as modest or as risquée as you want. I think people can look sexy in a sweater if they want to! It's all about the attitude. I will hold a consultative phone call with you to prepare for your session and create a mood board for your session.

How long are the sessions?
Hair and makeup takes about 90 minutes and the sessions are 90 minutes long.

What does the session fee include?
The session fee includes the 90 minute shoot, consultative phone call, and professional hair and makeup. Then you purchase your gift (album, canvas wrap, photo box, etc.) separately.

Should I bring a friend?
I think the sessions are more productive when you can focus on the camera and really listen to the instruction I'm giving you but feel free to bring a friend along to help and make you feel more comfortable. This is also a gift to yourself and I want you to be able to enjoy the experience and gain confidence- not leave feeling the opposite!

Should I have professional hair and makeup done?

Professional hair and makeup is included in your session fee. But I encourage you to get into the spirit and pamper yourself!

Do you post these images online?
What if I don’'t want anyone to see them?
First things first. Your privacy is EXTREMELY important to me. I don’'t post them on my blog or my website. If you give me permission to use them, I only use them to show other brides or clients. I believe they are just for the eyes of your hubby. Your viewing gallery will be password protected.

If I do a boudoir session as a gift, how far in advance should I schedule it?

I recommend you schedule it at least 6 weeks before you need the final product.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. The session fee is due to hold your date.

Still have questions about boudoir? Didn't see yours on here? Shoot me an email and I'll answer it as best I can!